Tool installation manual

During coming weeks we will update the manual for all aspect models. For now the text will mainly be brief for most options.

After download, unpack the zip file.
Install the unzipped files to your system by running the setup.exe.



Importing MDG

To install the MDG technology, open your model.

Open the resources view.

Choose the resources box and right-click on MDG Technology.

Import the technology that is installed in the installation directory, subdirectory MDG.

Choose to install the MDG to the model or to the user.
When installed to the model, new versions of this technology can be chosen to be applied to existing repositories. When installed to the user, all models will use this version of the technology.

Creating Package

The DEMO repository is based in a Package of the EA repository. Validations of the model will be done from a package downward. Sub Packages are allowed.
Within a Package you can right-click and Add Diagram to choose a new aspect diagram.

Version 3.7.39 supports only the OCD, PSD and OFD. The ARS is experimental.