mDemosyne (DEMO tool) – Release Notes

From 3.7.47 to 3.7.58 (15 december 2017)

  • Added Work Instruction Toolbox with work instructions and ‘describes’ relation. Also a Work Instruction Template for transactions and actor roles is included.
  • Display of ARS has been approved.
  • A function has been added to renumber all actor roles to follow the transaction number they execute.
  • The OFD diagram has better diagram properties for visualisation.
  • From an OCD the TPD of a transaction can be created automatically (happy, standard or extended). From a TPD the ARS of a transaction step can be created automatically.
  • Registration has been added to allow for company/user specific expansion of the functionality.
  • User preferences have been expanded to adjust functionality per user.
  • Various bug fixes have improved the tool working and performance.
  • Added properties to elements on request. These have been documented in the manual.

From 3.7.39 to 3.7.47

Program changes (do not affect existing drawings):

  • Draft manual added to the site
  • Added options to:
    – automatically use rectangular line style
    – Save diagram after connection creation
    – reload diagram after connection creation
  • Added a Menu Screen window, which is always on top, this allows you to perform actions on diagrams faster.
  • Along with the menu screen, buttons have been given a layout.
  • Template Screen added. This allows you to create either an empty diagram or generate diagrams such as ARS and TPD.
  • ARS creation does not happen when creating a new link anymore. Instead, it has been moved to the template screen.
  • Creating diagrams show a popup progress bar, so you know that you are still waiting for something.

MDG changes:

  • Diagrams names have been updated with “Diagram” text in the description
  • Diagram selection icon and logo has been updated.
  • Support mail address has been added
  • Transaction and actor role has DEMO tagged values for Elementary Construction Failures.
  • Transaction and actor role has DEMO tagged values for Operation name and description.
  • Transaction steps have colorised shapes.
  • TPD has been added.
  • The ARS toobox has been expanded with the Attribute en entity elements.
  • Four ARS Diagrams features and elements have been turned off for better visibility